About Us

Who we are…

Campus Trading is a fundraising division set up by our community, for our community.

about-iconsOur mission is to Support Education Globally, through Community Fundraising and Family Participation.

If you are reading this, it’s highly likely you’re either part of our valued wider team, or you know someone who is!

Campus Trading has seen huge growth in the past three years that has taken it from low key events to the successful global network it is now, thanks to undying support from the community and the thousands of hours of tireless volunteer input. And it’s only getting bigger and better.


Campus Trading is officially established in five areas of the globe, known as regions. Our NZ team is working increasingly closer with the regions, which include the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia. Argentina and the Caribbean are managed by NZ and NA respectively.

The Campus Trading global teams collaborate via regular online meetings, and met for the first time face to face in July 2015.

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We have made some changes recently…


You asked for a wider range of products, and we can assure you we are working hard behind the scenes to make this happen. Watch this space. And remember, let us know if you find a product you would like to sell here. Just click here.


We are big believers in continuous improvement and it’s our aim to make every experience you have with Campus Trading a memorable and positive one. So join us on this journey and shop with us.


Our amazing team, including more than 800 volunteers, are dedicated to bringing you a ‘new Campus Trading’. From the products on our website to the experience at Campus Trading events, there is a focus on quality, variety and flair. We are dedicated to making sure we earn your support.


It’s here. You’re using it. We hope you like the new and improved Campus Trading website as much as we do. Take a tour of the site today – happy shopping! We love hearing from you so any time you want to give us feedback and suggestions, just click the link below.

For local Superstore enquiries, please contact your local Campus Trading team. For National Enquiries, please email us and we’ll direct your query to the best person.

Want to join the team? Click here to get in touch.