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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I change my username that everybody sees?

A.  You can change your display name by logging in to your account and going to ‘Edit Profile’; Then find the option for ‘Nickname’.  The nickname is the name other users will see when viewing your listings.  You need to select how you wish your nickname to appear.  You will still log in using your original account name.


Q.  How do I suggest other categories?

A.  For items which do not have categories, list them in the ‘Other’ category.  New categories will be created to suit.  You can also suggest other categories by emailing the site administrator using the link at the bottom of the page.


Q.  How do I mark an item as ‘sold’?

A.  Log in to your account, go to ‘Manage Ads’, on the Ad listings you should have several symbols… There is an option for marking the item as ‘SOLD’.
The ‘pencil’ allows you to edit the ad, and the X deletes the ad entirely.
A ‘Sold’ Ad will still appear in the listings but with a clearly visible ‘Sold’ flag.