Here at Campus Trading, we aim to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.
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How to use the Campus Trading website


  1. Can I sell anything on the Campus Trading Site?
    At this stage, you need to sell Products via your Campus Buy & Sell Team. We are working on reinstating the ‘Private Ads’ system to allow you to sell your own products.
  2. Who do I contact in my Campus to sell something?
    Please email us and we’ll let you know: helpdesk@campustrading.co.nz
  3. Do freight charges apply?
    No, all products are freight free.
  4. My Order is late, or I want my Order sent fast.
    Email helpdesk@campustrading.co.nz your Order# and we will contact the Campus on your behalf, or provide you all the info you need.
  5. I need to return a product.
    Please view our Returns Terms & Conditions (Clause 11), then email your Order# and details to helpdesk@campustrading.co.nz and we will put you in touch with the necessary contact.
  6. I want to join the team. Who do I contact?
    Great! Firstly, reach out to your Campus Team Leader. If you’re unsure who this is, just ask us at admin@campustrading.co.nz.

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