How to list an item

How to > List an Item

1) On any page – click ‘Create New Listing’ button.

2) Select the required category 

3) Select sub-categories if required

4) Click  ‘Go >>’

5) Work your way through the advertising form.  (If you have filled out your details in your profile, much of the info required will be pre-filled)

6) Add up to 3 images by clicking on ‘Add Images’ button

7) Click ‘Continue >>’ button

8) Review your listing info – Click ‘Go back >>’ if you wish to make changes, or click ‘Continue >>’

9) Images will now upload and your ad will be awaiting moderation (and payment if you need to make payment for a featured listing)


Your ad will only be visible on the site once it has been checked by our moderating team.


Thank-you for reading this tutorial.  If you have further questions or would like to suggest improvements, please email admin@communitytrading.co.nz