Why use Community Trading?

Community Trading offers features that make it a great way to sell within the community.  Items listed on this site are only visible to community members; this means you can list items you wouldn’t list on other ‘Buy and Sell’ sites.

Free Items and many school related items are able to be listed for free. Wanted Items have also recently been added to the free items.

REMEMBER – You can list something in these categories without any subscription or cost!

We believe the best feature of Community Trading is that every dollar stays in the community.. if you sell an item too cheap, what does it matter?  At least the savings are still in the community!

There are lots of things many of us would give away for FREE if we knew the person recieving it… Why not be generous and list your good but unwanted stuff on Community Tradings for FREE!


What are the fees and why are they charged?

Free Items, Wanted Listings and most school related items are able to be listed totally FREE OF CHARGE.

For listing in other categories – Community Trading charges a base subscription fee, rather than a ‘success’ fee.   $18 for a six month subscription compares VERY favourably with fees on common sites.  We believe this offers far greater options for users.  See included features below…

The fee helps towards the cost of site maintenance and administration, updates, new features, data storage and traffic.


What do I get for my Community Trading Subscription?

For your base subscription fee you get the following features…


How Does This Compare?

If you list an item on a popular auction site, this costs you nothing right?… Well MAYBE, but subject to a few conditions…

On TradeMe it costs nothing to list items, but this is only true if you;

  1. Include only one photo
  2. Dont pay to have this photo visible from the main page
  3. Dont list your item for more than 7 days
  4. Don’t set a reserve price
  5. Dont specify a closing time…
  6. and most IMPORTANTLY… as long as you don’t SELL your item!   (Why did we list that item?)

On Trademe, if your item actually sells then a 7.5% success fee is charged.  Lets assume in a six month period, you sell 2 items worth $100 and 2 items for $50… total fees, $21.00…  and you didnt get to add photos, or let people view your photo!

Maybe you sell only little items on TradeMe, and lots of them… Lets try another scenario… Dave sells ‘wingdings’ on TradeMe for just $5 each… they are a popular addition in every household and he sells anywhere from 1-3 every week… ‘wingdings’ are highly visual and must be seen to be understood, so Dave always pays$0.55 to have his awesome photo shown under the category listing.  Every listing costs Dave 55 cents (whether the item sells or not), and on an average of two sales per week, he pays the minimum fee of $0.50…Total cost per sale of $1.05… Total per week of $2.10… over 26 weeks??? $56.60!…  Remember, that’s still only ONE photo, and assuming that every item listed sells.

Hmm… Community Trading looks pretty reasonable!

Purchase your Subcription here