Cuisine Cooking Stone (Medium)


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Cuisine Cooking Stone (Medium) – Stone & Side Dish

This CuisineStone & Side Dish set has our middle sized CuisineStone?complete with a ceramic side dish, just perfect for any meat, fish or vegetables.


Large Cuisine Stone & ?Ceramic Side Dish,

Bamboo Base 42 x 25 x 3cm

Ceramic platter 20 x 8 cm

CuisineStone set in stainless steel tray 20 x 20 x 3cm

Weight 6.5kg

Shipping dimensions 46 x 27 x 10cm

How To Use?Your CuisineStone

Heat your CuisineStone?in the oven, under the grill, on the hob or stove ? gas or electric ? for 30-40mins. Your CuisineStone will only heat to the oven or hob set temperature, so the maximum possible is best, don?t worry CuisineStone cannot be overheated.

An easy test for checking if your CuisineStone is hot enough, just place a teaspoon of water on to the middle of your CuisineStone and it will evaporate within 5 ? 10 seconds, if not just continue heating and repeat the water test. You will soon know the optimum timing for future heating.

For more information visit the CuisineStone website…?www.cuisinestone.com


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