Lifeloc FC10 Breathalyser – Police grade unit



Hundreds of New Zealanders have found out the hard way since the law change!!

NZ Police can give on the spot fines with 50 Demerits a pop for anyone blowing over 250µg/L breath. Act before you’re caught!

5% rebate to your campus!!


The Lifeloc FC10 is an Australian Standards certified breathalyser. It is a high quality unit made in the USA. This unit uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as the Police breathalysers, so will give you a accurate and reliable digital reading of your alcohol level. This unit has the advantage of having different test modes, so you can test with or without a mouthpiece. Very fast reacting times. Used by the Police in most of the states of USA. Suitable for large workplaces and medical testing.

This unit has the advantage of having a passive mode function. This means you can do a screen test without a mouthpiece to bring up a result of POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. If you get a positive result you can then clip on a mouthpiece to get a digital readout. Excellent for processing large amounts of people, very fast reacting times. Has last 10 test memory. Comes with hard plastic carry case, 10 mouthpieces, quick start manual, wrist strap, rubber protection grip, 4 x AA batteries. 1 year warranty.

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