Long Awaited!

This is a site we have looked for for ages. Enormous work gone into it. Thanks for increasing our Sales, which we had not thought possible!
Hope more people register.

Amazing response!

It’s great, have had huge response from ads for our Mason Pearson range. Enquiries, but also more orders by far. Thought everybody knew about them, but obviously not! Keep up the website & many thanks!

Great Stuff

Awesome site!

Enormous Potential

We’re thrilled to see an accessible and user-friendly portal finally available for community use! We can see that a lot of time has already been put into this facility to get it up and running. This site has enormous potential to bring goods and services within reach of anybody and everybody. And we can now readily take advantage of the many resources available amongst us that we otherwise wouldn’t know exactly who to ask for or where to go for. Thanks to all those involved for their time spent!

Fantastic Stuff!

There are loads of people with fantastic stuff stashed away that they wouldn’t get much for if sold, but if they knew was going to a community member and made into something useful, would be more than happy to let it go!

Brilliant Service!

Service is brilliant, with queries dealt with quickly and any suggestions/ideas welcomed.

Great Site!

Great site, helps keep $$ in our community pockets.
It’s nice knowing that what you can supply and/or things that you’re finished with can go to a good home and what you buy is coming from one. A web site you can trust with users you can trust.
Thanks for making Community Trading website available!